Royal Flush Deal Trophies

Fund Launch X Oren Klaff

Not many people get paid $2 million to raise $22 million in 20 minutes.

But that’s my Friday.

This past Friday in particular, I packed out the West Coast Finance Center with 212 investors.

The total I raised: $22.25 million.

Obviously, not every investor there was savvy enough to recognize the value of my deal.

But the ones who did?

They’re poised to 4X their investment in the next 18-36 months.

And there’s still room for a few more people to get in on it.

If you’re serious about 4X-ing your money in the next 18-36 months. . . 

If you’re the right fit for the deal. . . 

And if you’re ready to act fast. . . 

Then I’ll invite you to learn more about this exclusive deal.

Cars and Capital

There’s nothing like the sight of $8 million in the parking lot of the West Coast Finance Center. 

Especially when that $8 million is in luxury vehicles.







MV Augustas.


I see it every year at my annual Cars and Capital event–the cocktail party for my fund launch.

Here’s one of these supercars in the parking lot:

And another:

They weren’t all outside gleaming in the sunlight, either. Some of them pulled through the garage door to grace the meeting rooms:

Now, I know what you’re thinking.

What do 30 supercars have to do with a fund launch?

Well, the answer is simple. Those vehicles were all there for a very specific reason.

Every single one of them was the trophy of a Royal Flush Deal.

Every single one had a story behind it–a story that started with a smart deal, just like the one I raised $22.25 million for on Friday.

Just like the one I’m willing to let you in on, if you’re the right fit.

If you think you are, request an invitation to the investor call while there’s still time.

The Event

I kicked off the event with a taste of what investors could achieve with an Oren Klaff deal.

There was a luxury vehicle for every preference.

But this event was more than just a chance to drool over the world’s finest vehicles in sunny SoCal.

More than your chance to rub elbows with 212 fellow car enthusiasts and investors.

It was even more than your chance to meet the author of Silicon Valley’s required reads, #1 bestsellers Pitch Anything and Flip the Script: Getting People to Think Your Idea Is Their Idea.

(You can purchase copies of each for your friends here:

No, the biggest benefit of this event was the chance to learn the art of making a deal so lucrative, your trophy from that deal could have earned a parking space outside the West Coast Finance Center. . . 

To learn the strategies you need to 4X your money in 18-36 months. . . 

And to learn it all from the man who gets paid $2 million to raise $22 million in 20 minutes.

This is how I did it.

My Presentation: How to Find the Right Deal

I started by explaining the way most deals work–if you’re an outsider to the world of finance, that is.

When outsiders think about making deals, they think Wall Street.

They think big-name gurus, huge banks, and household-name companies.

They think space-age tech.

But those kinds of deals don’t build the wealth you want.

Why? Because they’re designed for insiders, like Wall Street gurus and big banks.

Only insiders make money on those deals because they’re rigged in favor of insiders.

But there are smart ways for outsiders to invest in deals that ACTUALLY create the wealth you want. . . 

And I highlighted them.

(If you want to learn how to 4X your money in 18-36 months, as I explained during the event, register for my next webinar:

I even presented an investment opportunity tailor-made for outsiders. . . the kind of opportunity insiders can’t rig, because there are NO insiders involved.

The kind of opportunity poised to multiply your money in just 18-36 months.

The kind of opportunity that could get you the luxury vehicle of your choice. . . or anything else you wanted.The kind of opportunity that raised $22.25 million in investment capital last Friday and set up my investors to 4X their money.

Ready to Make Your Deal?

Think you’re the right fit to join those investors on an Oren Klaff deal–the kind you’d never find on your own? 

Request an invitation to my exclusive investor call, and we’ll find out.

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