“Fast, fun, and immensely practical.” 

Joe Sullivan, Founder, Flextronics

“Move over, Neil Strauss and game theory. “Pitch Anything” reveals the next big thing in social dynamics: game for business.”

Josh Whitford, Founder, Echelon Media 

Pitch Anything:

The Strategies You Need to Win the Deal, Every Time.

The definitive guide to presenting, persuading, and prevailing.

Start Positioning Your Pitch for Success.

Transform your pitch with Oren Klaff’s revolutionary STRONG method:

Setting the Frame

Telling the Story

the Intrigue

Offering the Prize

Nailing the Hookpoint

Getting a Decision

With insights from neuroscience, psychology, sales, and capital raising, Oren Klaff’s winning method
has helped him raise over $400 million.

And it can do the same for you. 

Whether you’re pitching billion-dollar deals or negotiating a raise,
Pitch Anything will give you the tools you need to control every part of the pitching process–and secure the results you want.

Praise for Pitch Anything

With Pitch Anything, You’ll Discover. . .

(Whether you’re naturally persuasive or not.)

(And holding it.)

(And keep your target on board.)

(Without resorting to sleazy tactics.)

About the Author

Oren Klaff is one of the world’s leading experts on sales, negotiation, and raising capital.

Oren serves as Director of Capital Markets at investment bank Intersection Capital, where he manages the capital-raising platform. Since 2005, Oren has grown the firm to approximately $2 billion in aggregate trade volume across a diversified portfolio of companies and transactions.

He is a specialist in financial modeling and the codeveloper of Velocity, a capital markets product that has raised more than $100 million of private equity and venture capital.

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