How Big-Time Dealmakers Talk to Each Other

I just got off a Zoom call with my colleague Anthony Scaramucci.

(You know, “The Mooch.” The guy who was the White House Communications Director for eleven days.)

You probably have the wrong impression of Scaramucci from FOX or CNN.

His resume reads like this: Harvard University, Goldman Sachs, former White House Communications Director, $8 billion hedge fund. . . and dedicated to his kids. 

What did we have to talk about, you ask?

Well, there were three important topics:

  1. We make the same kinds of investments,
  2. We are both similar-minded dealmakers, and 
  3. We both have 7-year-old boys heavily involved in sports and trading Pokemon cards.

At our next dinner in LA, we’re going to hash it all out.

The funny part is, the actual dealmaking will take about seven minutes. For the rest of the dinner, we’ll talk about our kids, the Yankees, bitcoin, the 2024 election, and the SALT conference, amongst other things.

The Art of the Seven-Minute Deal

Seven-minute dealmaking? I know what you’re thinking. Yeah, right. 

But it’s the truth. Experienced dealmakers do this all the time. Every day, even. It’s routine. Expected.

Why? Because experienced dealmakers have three big things in common:

  1. We speak the same language,
  2. We hit the key topics fast, and 
  3. We process risk versus reward quickly.  

Dealmakers don’t have to waste time explaining terms, drawing squares on a whiteboard, or going through a 20-page PowerPoint. . . so we don’t.

Speaking the Same Language

How do experienced dealmakers talk to each other? Their shared language is pretty similar to a pair of plumbers talking to each other. It might sound like this: 

“Hey Jim, I just ran the check valve down to 1200psi, and the release safety is soldered to the pressure tank downline of the heating element. You need to run copper through the slab and into the city main.”

Hitting the Key Topics Fast

When dealmakers, pilots, or plumbers talk to each other, they have rapid information transfer. Instead of wasting time defining terms or padding presentations, they know exactly what information the other one needs to make the right decision.

And they present that information, as quickly and as convincingly as possible. Oftentimes, in as few words as possible.

There is ZERO messing around. 

There is ZERO wasted time.

Processing Risk Versus Reward Quickly

Experienced dealmakers know that every deal comes with risks and potential rewards. 

Instead of agonizing over the possibilities, dealmakers cut to the chase.

The one making the pitch picks out the numbers he knows are most relevant to the decision–the numbers representing risk and reward.

The one making the decision knows which numbers he needs to make a good decision, and he directs the conversation back to those numbers. 

It’s not quite as fast as punching numbers into a pocket calculator. . . but it’s close.

Hear the Expert Dealmakers in Action

If you want to hear exactly how dealmakers like Anthony Scaramucci and Oren Klaff talk to each other, check out Oren Klaff’s podcast, The Dealmaker Show.

You’ll learn the dealmaking terms, power moves, tactics, and strategies you need to drop into any dealmaking situation with a winning pitch. . . a pitch that closes.

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