This is an exclusive interview with Anthony Scaramucci you definitely won't see anywhere else.

Harvard. Goldman Sachs. $8 Billion Fund …. Can you imagine if you were Anthony Scaramucci's assistant? You'd never keep up.

So take this chance to listen to how Scaramucci thinks about money, how he makes money and his advice for getting started in crypto.

And yes, how he thinks today about those 11 days in the White House and what he's doing with his fortune and fame to help others.



Sales is a game of RISK.

One minute you're going to close a great deal…

and now it's just… slipping away.


Oh sure, you can blame “adverse market conditions” or “competitive forces”…

But that's a complete LIE you're telling yourself.

It was simply your own inability to get the deal done.

It happens all the time – we are getting ready to close a deal but before things are signed and sealed and delivered there is one little detail that just has to be worked out.

And that “one detail” leads to more issues, concerns and demands, until finally (and surprisingly)… IT'S OVER.

What could I have done differently?
Was I ever really in control of this deal?
Where did those last-minute demands come from?
Now is the time to commit:

NEVER. Let. This. Happen. Again.

I’ve learned to control deal risk so I can avoid losing control of deals and large account opportunities.

Listen to this short audio and I'll show you ways to protect yourself from having a deal break down and fall apart. Before you take a professional hit of a lifetime (or just lose a good deal) – learn to take a few simple precautions.



Even with the economy on fire – I bet you have a bunch of deals that are slow-moving or STUCK.

It's not just you.

Every single one of my portfolio companies (TWELVE COMPANIES!) have some kind of big time awesome deal in STUCK MODE.

Everyone is dialing me into zoom calls for that “Pitch Anything magic”…

… I'm on non-stop calls unf****king seriously stuck deals.

This is why I made a quick video about my experiences getting “dead deals” moving again.

In this video, I explain two critical things.

First, a few quick tactics to get deals moving.

More importantly, the key ways to never get stuck in the first place.



Is it time you understood Tokens and Crypto? Who REALLY Understands NFT's?

My Crypto/NFT Questions Answered By Noble and Barnaby from Band Royalty.

What I loved about this conversation is these guys are not “creepy crypto dark web hackers” but straight-up business people that you can understand — and relate to. In fact the only difference between you and Noble Drakoln is that he has a massive NFT/Crypto business. In other words, he's not a mad scientist programmer from planet Crypto.

Listen in to hear plain simple explanations of Noble and Barnaby's NFT business.



Have you ever “meshed” with someone right away? Who knows why it happened, but they just love you.

You can pitch them anything:

“Want to travel with me to Mozambique?

They say YES, I'd love to get robbed, stabbed and kidnapped, let's GO!

But your most important pitch this year will not be to to your friends and family or someone who ‘likes you'.

Truth is, you'll be presenting to some serious people who you don't know very well.

So your instinct will be to start with some “rapport building” …

You feel you need to create a “connection” … and do some “relationship groundwork.”

But what if that's wrong?

What if your attempt at RAPPORT actually turns buyers against you?

I bet the way ‘you start a meeting' versus ‘the way I start a meeting' … are exact opposites.

In about 3-minutes you'll learn what dealmakers do to start meetings to improve their close rate by 90%.



No burger for you! Julia Frank is a CEO on a mission.

She came from BMW to run PLANTX, a plant based-foods company which is growing fast. Most podcast interviews will give a CEO like Julia a “pass” because she's doing “good”, helping people and is passionate about her work.

Why rock the boat? But I decided to push her buttons to find out if plant based foods is just niche industry, and why it seems like “Plant Based-anything is on fire right now”. She fires back at me punch for punch when I test the basic premise of what is actually healthy for modern humans to eat, and as I try to understand the numbers underneath PLANTX's fast growth.

Join in and watch the fun.

A little bit on Julia Frank: She is an experienced Marketing, Brand and Business Development Manager, who has worked multiple years for companies like BMW and Daimler in Germany. She is holding an MBA as well as a Masters Degree in Digital Entrepreneurship and has successfully set up brand & company strategies. As the face of PlantX, Julia focuses on a healthy and active lifestyle, loves to cook plant-based recipes and travels the world to experience as many different cultures as possible.

You can learn more following her here:



Enjoy the Show!



Do you have “thick skin”?

In other words, can you easily handle rejection?

…….. SORRY, We chose someone else.

………….. WE'VE DECIDED to go in a “different direction.”

………………. YOUR APPLICATION was not approved.

I always hated getting that kind of bad news.

So I built two different ways to handle “rejection”:

On the outside, I would look cool, calm and collected.


On the inside, a different story. I would hear the soundtrack of some hardcore gangster rap,

I come equipped for warfare beware/ Of my crime family who got ”nuff shots to share/ Best watch out/ Every man for they self …

Anyway, you get it. On the inside, I felt the burning feelings of anger and frustration.

But eventually I learned, it's extremely unhealthy to have “two versions” of yourself doing two different things.

Outside, you're acting so cool.

Inside you're punching walls like a crazy Mike Tyson.

Not good.

To conquer rejection, I figured out that you need two things:

First, you need strong REJECTION WALLS.


For every dealmaker, these skills are critical.

Watch this quick video and I'll show you the best way to avoid rejection.

(and I'll explain what a “rejection wall” is.)

In about 3-minutes you'll learn what dealmakers do to reach anyone, anytime without worrying about rejection.




Do you want to know the Next Big Thing in business?

I just talked to Paul Duffy, who is basically the Keymaker from the Matrix, and he's got the answer you want.

Paul might be THE #1 expert in the commercial use of Virtual Reality. And if you think VR is something that only doctors, scientists and gaming companies will use, but not YOU and your industry, this will change your mind.

By the end of the episode you'll realize VR is happening right now, and you need to be jacked into the Matrix immediately …

and here we go!




I just interviewed Bill Li on his company Knightscope. He's raised a lot of money to build robots that can replace police officers.

You want to hear this: how he raised the money, what he's doing with it, and what a “robocop” really does.

Jump in here for a discussion about Bill's Knightscope technology why robots are *sometimes* a better fit for policing than humans.

And if you want to learn more about what William Santana is all about, go to





Today’s Dealmaker Show episode’s guest is Brendan Cahill. As Chief Executive Officer of mining company Excellon Resources he has done deals all over the world, from Ghana, West Africa to New Zealand. You're about to find out if Dealmaking the same “over there” as it is here, and learn how to deal with bribes, “blood silver” and functioning 12,000 miles from home. And here's where it gets interesting: learn what kind of person you have to become to effectively do deals in cultures where there's no GAAP, no FINRA, no SEC and a very limited Rule-of-Law in place. Welcome …you're about to meet the sophisticated and poised Brendan Cahill.