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You and I should spend more time together



Let's skip the intro and get straight to the point because you know who I am … and what I can DO.

I can take your company PITCH and weaponize it;

  • I can deliver a PRESO that consistently generates new revenue; or
  • Build you an opening SEQUENCE to find the best clients in the market; or
  • Create a FRAME that doubles the amount of every deal.

In other words, you and I will take whatever you're using now and make it better … a lot better.

When I'm DONE working on your pitch and material … you won't recognize much of your “original version” … but you'll love the new one.

How can I do this?

Here's 3 PROBLEMS I always tackle first:


It doesn't matter WHAT you're selling or WHO you're selling too — there’s an exact sequence you must follow — from the first moment, to the last. FOR EXAMPLE, you cannot put the “Solution” before the “Problem” or the Price before the Value. There is a non-negotiable pattern in business, yet almost everyone breaks the rules.



In every deal, you need a cornerstone — the one key idea that anchors the pitch to solid ground — because without it, your buyer simply won’t CARE about you or your pitch. This is what I call the BIG IDEA. But for many people, their big idea is too small, too weak or not even an “idea.”This concept is elusive and difficult to understand until I explain it in person (then people do the “forehead thwack” and they get-it and never-forget-it).

Problem #3. YOU ACT NEEDY (aka “I really need this deal”)

Before the buyer can WANT your deal, you have to make them want to work with YOU first. This is the basic element of creating HIGH STATUS — and without it, everything you do comes across as needy, which puts the buyer in control of your deal (which ends up with you constantly chasing the buyer, and them constantly avoiding you).

So if you have (or even think that you might have) these three issues, then we should start working together as soon as possible.


You can schedule a time with someone on my team and show us why you think you should be on my calendar!