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Work on your Pitch with Oren Klaff

Damn Oren, why are you so tough on people? 

Truth is, I'm tough on the people I love the most because I want to see them succeed.

For example, I make extra sure my son has tough coaches. Here's a note I wrote him a few days ago to explain all this:

Are you pushing yourself hard enough?

He's seven years old.

And with that in mind, this picture won't surprise you; this is yesterday, getting his gear on for 6 am Hockey practice.

Are you pushing yourself hard enough?

We've been doing this since he was 3 years old, and he loves the grind. Is it worth it? Last Sunday he was named MVP of the game against the Anaheim Ducks.

For him, it's worth doing the work. 

Most importantly, we do it together.

Having a tough coach can either break you or make you into one of the toughest people in your industry. 

Tough coaches are looking to get everything out of you. They’re pushing you because they know how much you are capable of and know that sometimes you need that extra push.

In the last 10 years of doing in-person events, I've learned to push people because I've heard EVERY EXCUSE POSSIBLE:

I'm not an extrovert. Me either, I am the worst networker in the world, and in the last 10 years, I've only gotten worse.

I don't like being pushy. Me either, in fact, I have never said “So do we have a deal?” and I have NEVER “asked for the order 7 times.”

I don't have the right connections. When I started, I knew no one, and worse, no one knew me.

I don't have enough start-up capital. I started with $650 in my Wells Fargo account and a business plan written with crayons.

I'm not a morning person “5 am” go-getter type. The only reason I get up before 8 am is to take my son to Hockey practice.

The point is simple. 

To be a great communicator for your company and close new deals, it's not about being a certain kind of person or having connections or money …

It's about having FORMULAS, BLUEPRINTS, and SCRIPTS that you can trust.

This is the real reason I can be a “tough coach” for you. 

Because I give you the scripts that will work to pitch your deals.

First I give you the FORMULA.

Then I give you the BLUEPRINT (how all pieces fit together.)

Finally, I give you the SCRIPT.

All you need to do is spend some time putting the pieces together with some of your own words and numbers.

I'm not asking you to invent cold fusion … or to hit a 100 MPH fastball. 

Just to follow basic formulas. 

I want to see you out there delivering a great pitch to buyers … the same way I would. That's why I'm willing to push you:

Some days it’ll seem harder than others, but without being pushed, you can’t improve or get better as a person or professional.

Are you ready for FORMULAS, BLUEPRINTS & SCRIPTS, and a push in the right direction?

Then let's work on your pitch together

Are you pushing yourself hard enough?

  • YOU are going to work with me and my team of pitch, sales, communication, and messaging pros.
  • You are going to learn how to dominate your industry using every method I wrote about in Pitch Anything and Flip the Script.
  • You are going to enter every meeting, deal, and negotiation with high status and instant leverage.



Wish to know more or see how we can work together? 

You can schedule a time with someone on my team and show us why you think you should be on my calendar!

— Oren