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Questions? Text us at +1 (310) 706-2148.

The World’s Best Capital Raising Event

February 8-10, 2023 in San Diego, California

Spend 3 days in Oren Klaff's Pitch Anything Studio, get on stage with him and his team to get the insider pitch you need to raise growth capital and transform yourself into a Capital Markets CEO.

If you wish to attend, book a call with our team first to see if you can make it.


LIVE, in Person, You will Work with Oren directly on Your Pitch.

PitchAnything Vortex is the biggest, baddest pitch event and workshop in business, and the only event focused exclusively on pitching, closing and dealmaking. This is an event built for individuals who are looking to reach higher, up-skill, supercharge, and gain a decisive competitive advantage in their business.

Have you ever been...

  • Shut Down by experienced investors who ask for all your information, then disappear, hiding behind "committees" or "partners,"
  • Denied Access to the true decision makers that your deal needs to move forward and get funded,
  • Stuck trying to overcome nonsense objections or answer irrelevant questions that are holding up the investment,
  • Disappointed that you finally caved on price just to get the deal done, and the investor walks anyway.

Get On Stage With Oren and Adopt his Battle Tested Method Based on Pitch Anything and his 25 Years of Capital Raising Experience.

The World's Best Pitch Training Event.

Here’s Your Personal Agenda for Pitch Anything VORTEX 2023

Day 1

  • Oren Keynote: "Pitch Anything"
  • Teardown Your Pitch
  • Wireframe New Pitch
  • Get on Stage
  • Write New Flash Roll
  • 1:1 Time with Oren

Connect, Persuade and Triumph. Day 1 is all about YOU - not about the information you can provide. It’s how you instantly create Trust, Credibility & Status. How do you show people you’ve solved their kind of problem 1,000 times over?How do you make them feel that you are a total insider in their business? There’s a unique script for all this and more. Also: Become aware of the 3 Key Moments that make or break your pitch.

Day 2

  • Keynote: "Flip The Script"
  • Write New Scripts
  • Create New Big Idea
  • Get on Stage: Status Presos
  • Voice & Body Control
  • 1:1 Time with Oren & Coaches

The Custom Scripts. You’ll write the scripts that will turn your specialized knowledge, talents and abilities into a pitch that will convert even the most hard-hearted skeptics. Find your Big Idea and from the event stage, with Oren, learn to kick-off a meeting with high-status. Create total trust in your capabilities without information overload. Get Your Big Idea across with high-stakes impact. And finally answer the one burning question: how to get a deal signed in high-stakes situations without looking needy.

Day 3

  • 1:1 Work to Complete Pitch
  • Polish Your Performance
  • Instant Live Feedback
  • Mindset Work
  • Final Q&A
  • Polish, Refine & Complete

Shorter, Faster, Better. Results are everything. Today you will receive instant live feedback during the event to polish your pitch & performance. Oren and his team of experts are in the trenches every day with you. Expect intense, direct, highly actionable advice. Now Oren is alongside you, to create the breakthrough that you came for!

Pitch Anything Vortex Logo

What’s in the VORTEX?


One-on-one time with ME, and my personal team of instructors.

We’ll help you create the perfect structure for your pitch, so you know exactly what to say and do from the first moment, to the last.

You'll discover the perfect BIG IDEA for your pitch.

I’ve done this a thousand+ times, and we’re very good at it. We’ll help you develop the perfect big idea that gets buyers to WANT to hear your pitch.

How to create instant HIGH STATUS with your buyers.

I’ll show you my exact process to make the buyer want ME, so they can WANT the deal (this actually works better when the buyer doesn’t know who I am, hasn’t read my books or seen a single video— which means it can work just as well for you too).

How to capture your greatest personal stories.

You’ll cut past the “cliche” stories to find the personal stories that keeps your audience wanting more time with you — the right personal story makes it rain.

The Mindset shortcut that get's my audience to instantly connect with me.

No more pretending to be someone you’re not — this formula allows you to magnetically attract attention and loyalty of your audience, while being your truest self.

The secret “confidence formula” I use to own every stage I walk on.

This NEW training gets you “in state” for every performance like clockwork. But this isn’t about doing 20 pushups before you go on, or chanting “I can do it” phrases… Because even our most introverted high-level clients use this proven new method to generate instant stage-confidence, even if they’ve always struggled with being awkward during their presentations.

How to use the “S.T.A.R.” technique to use your body intelligently and effectively.

I’ll show you how to link every word of your story to the movement of your body. This is the exact OPPOSITE of how politicians present, and is the reason why you’ll hold your audience’s attention from the first moment, to the last.

The exact rehearsal rituals I do every time I speak to an audience — even if that audience is a 3 person meeting.

Everyone has a will to win, yet only the BEST have the will to rehearse. But there’s a right way, and a wrong way to rehearse your pitch — so that’s why I’ll show you the secrets I learned that cranks your confidence to an 11, even for those times you’re “just not feeling it.”

You’ll get hours of time on-stage with me.

We’ll personally guide you to improve your presence, your story, and your physicality with immediately useful feedback you can trust.

Personal time with an authentic, welcoming community of high-stakes dealmakers like you.

This training goes beyond the “face time” you’ll get with me — you’ll have access to over two hundred people like you, so you can grow your personal network of professionals who think the “Pitch Anything” way.

The World’s Best Capital Raising Event

February 8-10, 2023 in San Diego, California

Spend 3 days in Oren Klaff's Pitch Anything Studio, get on stage with him and his team to get the insider pitch you need to raise growth capital and transform yourself into a Capital Markets CEO.

If you wish to attend, book a call with our team first to see if you can make it.

The VORTEX Event Box


A high quality Vortex sketch book to capture all ideas and scripts. A Workbook with all Event-Exercises. A premium quality Hardcover Limited Edition Binder of Oren's Best Pitch Decks.

Event Recordings.

We will have a professional film crew recording the event. Once editing is done we will send you credentials to access the recordings, so you will have the chance to revisit your key learning moments and exercises after the event.

Books and Bonuses.

Oren Klaff's Best-Sellers “Pitch Anything” & “Flip The Script” and a couple of surprise bonus gifts.

In-Person FAQ

Everything you need to know to get the most out of Vortex Event 2023.

The Vortex Event 2022 will take place at Pitch Anything Studios:

2443 Impala Drive, 
Carlsbad, CA 92010



You can see all the information you need on San Diego International Airport's page.

If you are an UBER fan, then for $50-$60 you can get to the event venue or the hotel you choose to stay at, as the recommendations we are giving you are all very close and in the same area, so prices are very similar.

You can get all the information you need on the LAX International Airports page.

If you are an UBER fan, a ride to Carlsbad would cost around $130.

There is also the option of renting out a car through the TURO app, to get a cheaper deal.

You can also take the Amtrak from the Los Angeles Union Station to Oceanside, CA for a rate of $28-$42.

You will be talking business in a relaxed environment, so BUSINESS CASUAL seems appropriate. 




We have put together a selection of the most “famous” restaurants, where the food is delicious and the ambiance is just perfect…


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