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Oren Klaff

Why Nice Guys Don’t Close Deals

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Is your “nice guy” personality holding you back?

Then you might need to toughen up right now (I'll show you how to lose your nice-guy “I really need this deal” attitude in a moment…)

Mental Toughness is the word of the day because this 10% INFLATION is going to kill off all you “nice guys”

In other words, today's high inflation has eroded your company's purchasing power and some tough dealmaking is going to be required in the next 12months.

Today, you simply can't buy as much product with the same dollar –

Tough decision 1: Your costs are UP … so will you reduce your product quality?

Tough decision 2: Or will you become one of those budget companies that have terrible service like Spirit Airlines, Motel 6 and Walmart?

Tough decision 3: Will you raise prices and lose customers …

Tough decision 4: …. or just tell your investors you have “no profits” this quarter?

The ‘Nice Guy' Personality Gets Crushed in 2022 – 2023

You may be thinking, “But I am a good person and I like being nice to people.”

That’s fine, but can you shift your focus from winning approval through niceness and instead focus on being valued and respected?

You're too nice?

You should never intimidate, steamroll or coerce anyone to make a deal with you.

In fact, some of the kindest and most genuine people I have met happen to be global leaders of large companies. Being mean did not pave their path to the top.

Rather, their upward climb was a result of being great at their jobs and having the ability to earn respect.

Here are three ways to stop being so “nice” and focus on being respected.

(This will let you get deals done during a time of high inflation, low purchasing power and scarce resources.)

  1. Deliver Solid Work … not rainbow sparkles and positive vibes

All too often I have seen people fixate on winning someone’s approval as opposed to focusing on the actual work that needs to be done. If you deliver top-notch work, you will be respected by your customers and peers whether they actually like you or not.

  1. Speak-Up Immediately When You Here Something Weird … I like to tell people, don't pee on my leg and tell me it's raining.”

If you are trying too hard to be liked, you'll never be able to confront a client or investor when they act manipulative:

Ever heard these things?

  • “We take a long time to respond to email so be prepared for a lengthy process.”
  • “We're reaching out for 7-8 different proposals … and want to see what you can provide us that's better than your competition.”
  • “Another company can do this for a lot less.”

I would NEVER let a buyer get away with this crap.

And it's easy to call their bluff,

Just say,

‘really? You have another company that does what we do? Interesting. Why don't you just go work with them, we don't compete for deals that have all the problems you have.”

  1. If They Can't “Afford” Your Price — Raise it.

Yes, this works almost every time I do it.

If you have a solid Big Idea, there's ALWAYS room to raise your price.

If you want to create a BIG IDEA that gets people to immediately respect you (and get excited about your deal -)

… Watch this quick video:

Is your "nice guy" personality holding you back? Then you might need to toughen up right now (I'll show you how to lose your nice-guy "I really need this deal" attitude in a moment...)

Every pitch needs a Big Idea.

Get your hands on the instructions to create your own Pre-Wired Idea and Winter is Coming scripts.

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