Sales is a game of RISK.

Watch this short video and I'll show you ways to protect yourself from having a deal break down and fall apart.

Even with the economy on fire – I bet you have a bunch of deals that are slow-moving or STUCK.

It's not just you.

Watch this short video, where I break down my “getting unstuck” tactics

Have you ever “meshed” with someone right away? Who knows why it happened, but they just love you.

In about 3-minutes you'll learn what dealmakers do to start meetings to improve their close rate by 90%.

Do you have “thick skin”?

In other words, can you easily handle rejection?

I always hated getting that kind of bad news.

Watch this quick video and I'll show you the best way to avoid rejection.

Want to hear how I “close” any deal?

And here we go.

At the risk of making it sound too simple, everything I do is based on two words: EXPERT CREDENTIALS.

In other words, I establish Authority.

Why are we still … shaking hands with everyone in the room. Signing contracts with actual pen ink … and stuck with those damn office windows that don't open even a crack…

I don't care who you are, there's a tough call you have to make. A call that will change everything, where you absolutely HAVE to perform your best. I know you're going to PREPARE YOURSELF for weeks ahead of time, maybe months.

Have you ever said to someone, “I'll give you the short version.” …

And then taken up just as much time as the regular version??

Watch today's video and I'll give you all the courage you need to slice-and-dice your pitch down to just 3 slides.

Have you ever been there … where suddenly, without warning …

A casual conversation turns into a big opportunity…

I've seen all of these pop-up out of nowhere!

THIS is when you realize, they have a lot of cash and they’re hungry to invest and buy.