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To Avoid Appearing needy, change the way you sell!

Every advanced DEALMAKER is going to appreciate this video.

Why are we still shaking hands with everyone in the room? Signing contracts with actual pen ink … and stuck with those damn office windows that don't open even a crack …

It doesn't matter.

None of this is going to change on your watch.

You're NOT going to stop people from grabbing your hand and shaking it like a Crossfit rope workout. And your office building isn't getting better windows.

But there are 3 rules you can break because the old way of doing them is just messing up every deal you're in.
…. they make you appear needy.
……. they force buyers and partners to question your experience.
………… they show your hand as unprepared (or as a newbie learning-the-ropes.)

Enjoy and Thanks for listening!!