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The Structure Of Investing

“You start at the bottom with the interns, right? And the interns are trying to figure out, is this a deal? And they can only say no, they can't say yes, right? They can just say it looks interesting. If you get past the interns, and so the interns again, try and help you, “Hey, our company wants to understand revenue by channel, and a little bit more about more market size. “

So they'll help you do that. And then they'll push it up to junior administrators or junior associates. And they're tasked with collecting the actual info that these guys over here in the committee need to make a decision. And the big realization at this point is you are not going to be at this committee meeting when they decide whether to give you the money or the contract. This is where you want to be, this is where you want your deck to be, and this is where you wish you were going to be. But when this actual decision happens, you are not going to be there. And the reason, so you started somewhere in here, like at the executive level and you went, whoo, right? Who's experienced this? You got a good intro to a firm and they go, “Yeah, they really love this. Work with Prajeesh and Jim. And they're going to try and figure out what the f*** is going on here? I see you're nodding. You've experienced it.


Has anybody not experienced this? You haven't? Okay. But does it psychologically make sense? Because these guys want to make a million dollars a year, right? And ideally make $10 million on some unicorn-style things, right? If something's confusing, that's why they have all these guys and girls and people sitting around to help. You know, eventually, it'll get to like the executive level or the senior associate. These guys identify all the problems that we're going to try and fix here today.


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