Have you ever “meshed” with someone right away? Who knows why it happened, but they just love you.

You can pitch them anything:

“Want to travel with me to Mozambique?

They say YES, I’d love to get robbed, stabbed and kidnapped, let’s GO!

But your most important pitch this year will not be to to your friends and family or someone who ‘likes you’.

Truth is, you’ll be presenting to some serious people who you don’t know very well.

So your instinct will be to start with some “rapport building” …

You feel you need to create a “connection” … and do some “relationship groundwork.”

But what if that’s wrong?

What if your attempt at RAPPORT actually turns buyers against you?

I bet the way ‘you start a meeting’ versus ‘the way I start a meeting’ … are exact opposites.

In about 3-minutes you’ll learn what dealmakers do to start meetings to improve their close rate by 90%.




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