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The ONLY 3 minutes that matter when talking to investors

Did you ever fall in “love” with someone in a bar …

…. and you both traded contact information to connect later …

But later, when you when called them, it was the WRONG NUMBER.

Typical Investor Firm

But at least you KNEW you were rejected when it happened.

Which is exactly why I hate the typical investor “rejection letter” … it sounds like they're still interested even though they're NOT.

“Rejection sucks … it is also unnecessary when you know how to handle investors at every level.”

For example:

You probably think investor meetings are about

* Company MISSION ….
* your amazing products,
* the great team,
* the big market … and rapid growth?

It's not.

The truth? Your entire meeting will come down to exactly 180 seconds that isn't about any of these things.

And the worst part …

YOU aren’t even aware which 3 minutes matter the most.

At Decision Time, to move forward to the next meeting or not, there's an INSIDER FORMULA that's applied to you and your company, and no one publishes what that formula is.

Don't you wish you knew exactly how professional deal makers will condense, organize and compress your company into a single line formula?

Join Me For 45+ Minutes on one of the Webinars I'm hosting for the next 3 Wednesdays And I Will Show You How To Avoid This Problem and What to Say to Investors in The Most Concise Way Possible That Matches Their Insider Formula,

You need to know exactly what to say to stop Investors from misunderstanding your deal because you didn't use that special insider formula and language.

But before I tell you how to do that, take a look at this chart…Typical Investor Firm

See that bottom row?

I'm not trying to be insensitive, but those are the “superstar” interns Heather, Jiang and Jona.

You might even be meeting with them without even realizing their position because of their tricky title, eg. “Financial Analyst.”

But no matter .. these are interns.

Their job is to review your pitch … and make sure you don't talk to anyone important anytime soon …

Until your deal is put into terms of the INSIDER FORMULA.

You might not realize this, but any legitimate investment company has all kinds of guardrails built to prevent you from meeting a decision maker …

Unti your deal is “FORMULATED” correctly.

Why? Because the Partners at the top get paid enormous sums of money to MAKE DECISIONS… not to give you advice on how to pitch your deal.

From 20 yeas of doing this, I can share this fact with you:

“The people at the bottom (interns/associates) are there to prepare you to pitch the people at the top.”

Except you probably never get there.

And you would be horrified at how little of your carefully crafted “pitch” winds up getting translated to the top partners!

This is why you need to understand the insider “Language of Money” that all of these people speak to each other.

Join Me For 45+ Minutes on on one of the Webinars I'm hosting for the next 3 Wednesdays

Because all it takes is you showing that you speak money for these people to treat you like a real executive…

And not some wanna-be CEO/executive who can't raise money.

Hold tight, before you think I’m being extreme here…

When I was 33 years old, I worked for the billionaire Marvin Davis as a Jr. Associate.

It was my job to make sure that Marvin NEVER saw a crappy deal.

And that he never talked to a CEO would didn't speak our Insider Language of Money.

“As a 33 year old, I could kill any deal I wanted … No one cared.”

It was that simple. I was doing a “good job” as long as MARVIN never saw a bad deal.

Once I saw Marvin yell at a CEO for wearing a Loony Toons tie, and throw him out of the board room yelling, “What kind of F*** CEO wears a goddamned Loony Toons tie?”

But of course, it wasn't the tie.

It was the bad pitch.

This is why you need to know the insider language of money.

To get past Interns. Go around “associates.” Avoid Jr. Partners.


But now the question is, what HAS to go in the pitch for you to have the best chances possible?

If you want to know the answer, I’m hosting a free webinar where I’ll tell you the F.A.S.T. Funding Method

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