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The Complete Guide to Avoiding Rejection

Do you have “thick skin”?

In other words, can you easily handle rejection?

…….. SORRY, We chose someone else.

………….. WE'VE DECIDED to go in a “different direction.”

………………. YOUR APPLICATION was not approved.

I always hated getting that kind of bad news.

So I built two different ways to handle “rejection”:

On the outside, I would look cool, calm and collected.


On the inside, a different story. I would hear the soundtrack of some hardcore gangster rap,

I come equipped for warfare beware/ Of my crime family who got ”nuff shots to share/ Best watch out/ Every man for they self …

Anyway, you get it. On the inside, I felt the burning feelings of anger and frustration.

But eventually I learned, it's extremely unhealthy to have “two versions” of yourself doing two different things.

Outside, you're acting so cool.

Inside you're punching walls like a crazy Mike Tyson.

Not good.

To conquer rejection, I figured out that you need two things:

First, you need strong REJECTION WALLS.


For every dealmaker, these skills are critical.

Watch this quick video and I'll show you the best way to avoid rejection.

(and I'll explain what a “rejection wall” is.)

In about 3-minutes you'll learn what dealmakers do to reach anyone, anytime without worrying about rejection.