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RULE #3: How Raising Money is exactly like beating a super tough Video Game

If you're trying to raise money …

…. then you're doing non-stop zoom meetings and phone calls.
…….. you're constantly updating your pitch deck.
you're always polishing the story.

You're doing everything you can for ONE reason only: you want a solid Term Sheet.

But there's something you need to know before you get a great term sheet like the one below:

Even if you get a huge term sheet, with very favorable terms …

Even if it is from a well-known investment firm …

And even if it's “Binding Termsheet” (something you may never see in your lifetime, I've only seen three.)

The deal won't close until you've faced off with the FINAL BOSS.

Wait a second Oren, what is a “Final Boss”?

For those of you who’ve never played video games, as the name suggests, the “final boss” is the last challenge you have to overcome in order to beat the game.

While I don't play video games anymore, I do remember that the Final Boss was always larger than me, had about 4 extra arms, had more powers, more health, more weapons, and was nearly impossible to beat the first time around…

Sound familiar?

This is the danger in falling in love with that beautiful and sexy new Term Sheet you worked so hard for, the Term Sheet that you EARNED and that you intend to cash in:

You haven't faced the Final Boss yet.

You probably don't even know he exists … most firms keep him undercover until the very last second, just when the deal is …

About. To. Be. Signed. And. Closed.

Then, out-of-nowhere comes their Executive Chairman or Founding Partner … whatever THEY call him …

It's the Final Boss stage of your fight to fund your company.

Think about it:

It doesn’t matter how great your pitch was or how smooth due diligence went,

But before any institution is going to hand you a $5+ million check, you’re going to have to sit down across the table from (or in a Zoom meeting with) their most formidable partner.

And he's going to rip you apart.


Because THIS is the most senior person in the firm, and it's probably his money or his career that's actually at risk …

And he wants to know for sure that you’re not some moron that sweet-talked his way into the deal but is going to screw up the whole thing after he gives you the money.

How does he figure you out?

He has to quickly size you up as an executive and as a PERSON… and the easiest way, the time-tested way, is by challenging your financial model to your face.

OK, so now you realize there will always be a Final Boss for you to facedown right before you get a big check, the question is …

How do you win this “round” against FB and get your term sheet closed and get the check to fund your company?

Rule #3: You Beat The Final Boss By Using A Special Version of Your Spreadsheet

The Executive Chairman / Founding Partner / Senior Investor MUST SEE your ability to speak off the top of your head all the numbers and insights that matter to him.

There's a unique way of talking about your numbers that provides supreme confidence to investors that you know what you're doing, and that no one knows numbers about this deal better than YOU.

Want to see an example of this in action, and hear more about dealing with the Final Boss types you will encounter in the financial world?

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