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Oren Klaff talks to Yaniv Sarig, from Mohawk Group

In this episode, I'm going to introduce you to one of the ultimate dealmakers, Yaniv Sarig, the CEO of Mohawk Group. His company is valued at over a billion dollars based on one incredibly powerful idea: Use software and AI to RAPIDLY INVENT e-commerce companies.

Yaniv's software and AI technology finds wide-open e-commerce niches then stuffs an exciting new company into that niche before anyone else can even blink. Mohawk runs test launches, identifies market demand and creates new products faster than you think is possible. Then
Mohawk owns that market and starts looking for the next one. I've learned a lot about dealmaking from Yaniv, and I'm sure you will too, because while his software does a lot of the heavy lifting, ultimately it's Yaniv's dealmaking skills that make all this possible, to the tune of a billon dollars.

Watch this episode and learn from a master.