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Oren Klaff talks to Tony DiMatteo, from Lottery.com

In this episode meet Tony DiMatteo the founder of Lottery.com. I uncover the unusual story of how Lottery.com got started, and just how tough you need to be to start a company from a dead cold start.

Today, Lottery.com is one of the leading providers of lottery software in the world. Their goal is to help people find the best games by aggregating all the lottery drawings from around the world onto one website - so you can research every lottery game possible in one place. Making this vision happen required someone with the drive, energy and "you-cannot-stop" me attitude that Tony has.

I loved interviewing Tony because he is so transparent about what it takes to succeed in software and technology today, and he figured out how to do it without breaking up with his co-founder, without compromising on his vision to get investors, and without making the dozens of mistakes and "unforced errors "that trip up most entrepreneurs.