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Don’t Bring Slides To The Meeting

In this video I’m talking about how to use my world famous pitchdeck formula in live presentations… you will be surprised…

So if you saw it you know the answer to this question…

Episode Transcript

My goal for you is that there's no slides at the meeting. I even fight with the slides because once you have a slide, you're, you know, you're reading the slide to people, let's go back to the comedians, right. They don't have slides, they know, right. You, you, you never go when you're listening at a comedy show like, oh man, I wish I wish I could see.

What he was talking about, like the ants, you know, with drinking. Uh, and then she tried to cross the road and then the car kept like, the story carries the whole thing. I understand you're not doing comments, but you probably will have two to three slim down slides on your technical architecture or something.

You know, your twists, you know, like an Uber, you know, would just be a map and maybe a time and a comparison. So some things that really just illustrate your idea, but ideally it all comes from you in the meeting. I learned this from my partner Russell, we would just go into a meeting and there'll be like, where's your presentation?

And why do I need a presentation? And like, well, how do we, he's like, no, I'm just gonna tell you what we have and you guys go, do you want to do it or not? And then we're going to leave and be like, okay, sounds good. And then he would give them the element because they are used to seeing a whole bunch of junk, trying to figure out the story.

And then Russell would just give them the things that they eat and they would go, oh, I love it, man. You know? Um, so, oh, I see what you're talking about in the deck. Can we see the numbers and getting the data room?