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A Quick & Dirty Pitch Example

Every Pitch Needs a BIG IDEA

Do you Have yours?

Are you starting your presentations or pitches with a relevant change in the world? Some winter that is coming? Are you talking about forces that are at work that will create winners and losers?

If not you are not creating the amount of attention and action you could.

Get your hands on the instructions to create your own Pre-Wired Idea and Winter is Coming scripts.

Let us know if you are interested (fill in the form here) to get an instructions video, download the Big Idea Checklist PDF, and get to work.

Episode Transcript

Here's the last five that transacted for $20 million and they don't even have the list and the membership that we have, it's not always the case that you can just get on the phone and give your sort of big pitch that you've prepared, you know, to do in a current. Some time to just like, Hey, I want you to talk to my buddy and tell him what's up.

Hey, here's what's up. Um, the world of publishing is changing really rapidly. It used to be if you had a newsletter, like by the way, I'd never thought of this before, so I'll just follow the. Uh, it used to be that if you had a newsletter, like whenever you, you know, when you made a million dollars off of your newsletter, then you just lived on it.

Um, but today those newsletters are very valuable. It's called publishing. It's a new publishing environment and opportunities to build a newsletter that revenues a million dollars maybe only makes a hundred thousand dollars, but you could sell that for $10 million today. That's a small window that's opened up in the world.

It's just a CR you know, it's a crazy change because publishing has continued to be in decline. The people are looking to build new publishing companies. I know what you're thinking. How can a newsletter, you know, that you publish one email a week on the dumb stuff that you do with a picture of your kid playing hockey, be worth 10 to $20 million.

It makes no sense. Well, here's the last five that transacted for $20 million. And they don't even have the list in the membership that we have hit the skepticism. So, um, this is what we're proposing. We're going to grow our newsletter to $30 million. Here's specifically what the newsletter is. We, we publish one thing on, uh, the world of finance a week.

Give me an example. The newsletter goes out, people open it. We have open rates and. Uh, and you know, and ultimately the newsletter makes, um, uh, a hundred to $150,000 a year in net income. Uh, there are three of the newsletters to do this. Two of them and bought one is, uh, is very right-wing. And so, you know, we kind of are out here on our own, but I'm not really looking to sell it today, unless there was somebody that came along and could tell me it's going to be used for goodness.

So you could see how that is a narrative structure that I can just follow, which some of the tools and, and we can whip it out.