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Make this one shift to raise capital faster

So what is it, what do you REALLY want?

Seems like a pretty simple question…

So why are you scratching your head right now?

Could you come up with REAL ANSWERS?

I did yesterday in front of .... 2,000 people:

oren speaking on stage yesterday

But I'm not going to GIVE YOU my answers, you might just take the easy way out and copy them ...

... but I can tell you my answers were not some easy yoga-class meditation about happiness, family, success, money, legacy, power, fulfillment.

But why did I say you need to give “real” answers?

Because most business people don’t have them…They have fake ones that just fill in the blank of fantasies.

They can only give fake answers because they fear speaking their REAL TRUTH.

EXAMPLE: Ask most CEO's what they really want in their business and they’ll say generic things like “growth” or “do good for our people” or "take care of customers."

Ask most Executives what they really want for their company and you’ll hear the standard trope, “... take care of shareholders.”

But I’m here to tell you that you deserve to HAVE MORE than most of those executives who don't even know what they want.

To do that, you need to be exceptional in a few areas:

For you to be uncommon and exceptional as you stand out in the crowd is easier than you think.

It becomes easy because you found the path to not only speak your true desires and ALSO make that answer logical and sensible for your business ... …

Let’s get down to REAL TACTICS and dump the other stuff?

Stop saying things you only THINK people want you to hear.


First, Make no apologies for what you want. To build a legacy? fine. Recognition and status? Everyone else wants that too. You want to take your company public, and build personal capital to $100 million, and take 1,000 people with you on the trip? great.

Because that's what I told the audience I REALLY WANT, and why I get out of bed in the morning.

Explain your true motivations. Because no one in your industry gets out of bed at 5am every day, grinding day and night for 5-years just "to make shareholders happy."

Second, Show how the current growth plan of your business is taking off to make your dreams possible - and likely.

  • customer acquisition costs are low
  • retention is high
  • margins are stable
  • competition is falling behind
  • your team is full of committed leaders

Show this is true with examples

Third - if you want to be exceptional, and unless you're in the middle of a sales call .... stop thinking you sell a product or service.

What you actually sell is the stock of your company.

In fact, if you tell even one more person about your "awesome product", you're just lying to yourself about what you REALLY WANT.

Playing it safe in "product-land" because you don't know how to talk about your Company?

There's no reason play safe. It won't move you forward 1 dollar closer to what you want.

Is it time for you to REALLY Get What You Want without hiding behind products and cliches?

I'm ready to show you how to sell the private stock of your company to investors my next 90-day Working Group.

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