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I can help you close your TOUGHEST DEAL right now

How’s your week going … are you working hard, or just praying for 2020 to end.

Or would you like to close some new deals? THERE'S 43 DAYS LEFT IN 2020 – plenty of time for you to close new deals and bring in new revenue. 

ME? …. Take a look. My year is basically over and I'm relaxing:

Awesome, right? NOT EXACTLY. 
There's a dark side to this story.
Not everything at Oren Klaff's house is Rainbows, Cupcakes and Skittles.
You see these “happy” family pictures?
Truth is, every day around 11am, my family kicks me out of the house:

WIFE: “don't you have something to do today??”

SON: “Really Dad, I have Zoom School, can you come back later?”

Yes correct, my own family doesn't want me hanging around the house in the middle of the day. 

You can probably guess the reason — I'm a very intense person to be around for a full day. 

So they kick me out ….

And I have nowhere to go …

So I just come to the office. 
In reality, this is where I belong. 
I'm one of the world's most experienced dealmakers. I know absolutely nothing about raising a child, running a house or doing chores. Hope this doesn't sound like I'm a di**, but I have never done a load of laundry, washed the dishes or run a vacuum cleaner.

That is NOT what I'm good at. My skills finely honed for one thing: DEALMAKING.

In the last 30 days:

….. I raised 5 million for a client company

………. I acquired 3 public companies

…………… I wrote a sales pitch that is being used on 1 million phone calls.

So it's fair to say, for 2020, “I'M DONE.”

Right now I'm here, alone, at the office. 
Same deal every day, 4 hours a day, sitting here with nothing to do …


Right now I'm POURING ENERGY and free time into clients, content and helping others. So If you are working on a big deal …

1. Try to book some time on my calendar. I'll help you CLOSE your big sale, or land an important deal before the end of the year.


2. … If you need some quick 1:1 coaching, jump onto my Friday LIVE call.



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