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How to raise money from crazy rich people

If you’re trying to raise money in 2022, you have THREE realistic options right now…

The first two – family money and smart money – you probably have no chance with right now…

Why? Because Today's stock market news is freaking-out smart investors – to the point they're not taking your calls no matter how ‘urgent'.

But the third type of investor – the crazy rich guys – they’re game for whatever, whenever… no matter what the market is doing.

And if you want to have any shot of getting these people to toss you a few million just because they can…

You have to understand the real motivations behind what gets them to invest.

See this picture?

My friend Sam pulls his Ferrari into my driveway while I’m having dinner with my family…

He jumps out of his car – then switches into an Uber – and leaves.


As he’s leaving, he calls me from his Uber and says “Bro, I had to leave my car at your house, running to catch a plane, client meeting in Florida, see you in a week … key on the seat, have fun!”

This is a Ferrari 488 – which probably retails for $320k+ – and the damn thing is brand new.

As in – “it has 18 miles on the speedometer” new.

He's had it for 20 minutes before dumping it off in my driveway.

But strangely, I’m not bothered. Why? Because all my friends are like this – “crazy rich” and don’t know what to do with it all.

Every day Sam, Kevin, Alex, Jonathan is dropping a half-million dollars on some random thing.

But what if, instead of an NFT or a car or a plane, they saw a great business idea – like yours – come their way?

Well F*** it, they might just toss you a couple of mills, just to see what you’ll do with it.

Like I said, crazy rich people, are fun to hang out with…

But the way most people try to pitch them is completely wrong.

And if you want to learn how to attract these types of crazy rich guys who can fund your Company in 10 minutes, just because they like you…

The first thing you need to understand is something I call the “Psychology of the Ultra-Rich”:

Most people have no idea what it’s really like to be ultra-rich.

We imagine that being rich means having the freedom to do “whatever you want, whenever you want” and buy tons of cool stuff.

But the purpose of getting rich is NOT to buy luxuries. For them, it’s something much bigger than that.

The ONLY WAY to enjoy money is to invest in new ideas.

I know over 120+ men and women who sold their company, got a lot of money from it…

And they all asked themselves the same question…

“Now that we are rich, what do we do?”

The answer is a bit weird: they all went back to work.

Sometimes in less than a week.

They only know how to work. They don’t know how to do anything else.

Sam literally owned his dream Ferrari for 20 minutes before totally losing interest.

The only real fun he knows has come from working

So, they all worked before they got rich and kept working after they got rich. Rich people work, but they do it a bit differently now … by investing.

And they want to invest in your company.

But if you don't understand HOW they invest and WHY they invest, there's no point in you taking meetings with these crazy rich people.

Sure I can get you 20+ meetings …. literally with people you've read about or seen in the news including celebrities, athletes, and billionaires.

The sad part is …

You’re going to pitch them the


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