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How to raise $5+ million without giving up control

Hope you had a chance to spend time with your family this weekend.

My business allows me to spend all weekend with family … sometimes, I spend too much time with them.

For example, this Saturday I took my son to Target … which I'm not supposed to do on my own:


  • Laser tag set …. check.
  • High-Velocity Nerf guns … check.
  • 200 Pokemon cards … check & Star Wars lightsabers …check.

A pair of moms saw what I was doing and helpfully suggested, “One kid? You might want to put some of that stuff back.”

Target, the beach, or hiking … every weekend (and weekdays at 5 pm) I take off to do what’s most important to me: time w/ family.

I know you care about your family as much as I do… and you want to be around to invest in their sports, music, arts … whatever makes them happy.

But let's say your kid (or wife, brother, dad) wants a Telesphore violin ($55K), a kayak, a race car …. or to attend Space Camp, Juilliard, or Harvard, no matter what it is, you need to be able to invest more than just time.

You need to be able to pull out your checkbook…

…. and DONE.

Sure, you can make your family EARN everything the hard way…

…the way you and I did it,

But you already know there aren't any Formula 1 drivers who started in their 30's. No gymnastic champions, hockey players or musicians … so you have to invest in them early.

And you have to invest both Time and Money

The Big Question:
How do you fund all these costly activities, spend time with your family and grow your business all at the same time?

9 out of 10 people who pull this off will use INVESTOR CAPITAL to make it work.

The right kind of Investors allow you to grow your business at a sane, rational, comfortable pace.

…. they don't expect you to work more than 40 hours (and burn out.)

……….they don't expect you to win deals away from Microsoft.

………………they don't expect you to do everything perfectly.

So, yes, you DO take investor capital to grow the business.

BUT …. there are good investors and bad ones. You need to know the difference.

Who you take that money from is going to matter a lot.

You could wind up taking cash from an eager investor, only to find out later, this “Cinderella story” winds up with you trapped in a job and that investor is now your boss.

And all that fun you promised you’d have with your family… the vacations you’d take…

You can kiss that goodbye as your stress levels go through the roof.

And 12 months after you take that check, get ready to be placed in the “Founder Kill Zone” where you may get forced out of your company.

Now, you’re lawyering up as you watch other people run the company – the baby that you’ve nurtured from an idea at Starbucks.

I know you might think I’m being dramatic, but you’d be shocked how often this is the case.

I like to tell my audiences that “30% of CEOs who take investor money will shipwreck themselves onto Hell Island — with no way to get off.”

But it doesn't need to be that if you’re a CEO who has a family, friends, a community they care about, and a life outside of work they want to live…


With all my conferences and presentations, I meet 100s of CEOs. I hear this more than anything else:

“Oren, I wish I would have learned the skill of raising capital sooner. Because I’d be so much further along in my business if I could pitch for money the way you do.”

Obviously, I want to help everyone do this, but I don’t have the resources to work with every CEO in my network one-on-one to help them develop this career-defining skill.

What I can do is share the method I have created and use every day:

How to raise millions of dollars in growth capital…
without giving up control!

And how to raise working capital without agreeing to work any extra hours, without changing your vision or even your work style.

That’s why I’ve decided to host this free one-hour training on Wednesday, May 4th, 2022 @ 10 am PDT / 1 pm EDT.

To see my presentation and the LIVE event, go here to RSVP

All you have to do is enter your email address.

Then I’ll send you the link to the webinar about two hours before I go live.

Please make sure to show up a few minutes early, because as soon as I log in, my presentation starts immediately and moves FAST.

Take notes. Use your phone to take screenshots. I will maximize every second of your time, and mine.

And I will not be sending out a replay.

The sign-up link is HERE.

When you show up, you'll see new and different ways to raise capital that even the Pros will say, “so good … I love this.”


If you’re not in this situation, but someone you work with – or someone you care about – is, just forward them this email and tell them about the event.