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How To Protect Yourself From Making a Bad Deal

Sales is a game of RISK.

One minute you're going to close a great deal…

and now it's just… slipping away.


Oh sure, you can blame “adverse market conditions” or “competitive forces”…

But that's a complete LIE you're telling yourself.

It was simply your own inability to get the deal done.

It happens all the time – we are getting ready to close a deal but before things are signed and sealed and delivered there is one little detail that just has to be worked out.

And that “one detail” leads to more issues, concerns and demands, until finally (and surprisingly)… IT'S OVER.

What could I have done differently?
Was I ever really in control of this deal?
Where did those last-minute demands come from?
Now is the time to commit:

NEVER. Let. This. Happen. Again.

I’ve learned to control deal risk so I can avoid losing control of deals and large account opportunities.

Listen to this short audio and I'll show you ways to protect yourself from having a deal break down and fall apart. Before you take a professional hit of a lifetime (or just lose a good deal) – learn to take a few simple precautions.