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How to get REVENUE and INVESTORS before end-of-year

Quick question…

How many times have you busted your ass trying to make shit happen in your life…

Only to fall short and end up frustrated as hell?

I've felt like that.

Feels like being a RAT in a maze ..

But you got out of that maze didn't you?

One day, who knows why,
you turned left inside the maze instead of right …

Your “rat self' pushed a different “food button” than normal,

You did something different,

,,, almost by accident ….


The Maze opened up, food poured out, and you were FREE.

Now you're in a business you love …
Doing work you enjoy …
And you have a BIG VISION for an amazing future.

But then … you tried to push the ‘magic food button' again.

Because now you have your freedom, but you need important stuff like REVENUE and INVESTORS.

Only, what helped you the first time was called ‘one-time-magic.'

And now, you're frustrated again.

Oh sure, You're grateful you are where you are.


Even “Appreciative”

But now your vision is getting a little hazy.

You really need three things to get CLARITY back:

  • Revenue Growth
  • Working Capital
  • More Customers and Better Pipeline Conversion

You know who you remind me of?


Literally everyone else running a business today wants these three things.

For example, I'm working with an amazing company that is filing to go public: Apple is their customer.
So is BofA, Disney, Baxter and CAT.

They are backed by a billion dollar energy company – run by a friend of mine.

Guess what they want me to do between now and the end of the year?


But for now, FORGET what other people are doing.

Focus on yourself.

If you're in a business you love,
and just want to some


Then don't try to learn anything new or DIY, Just pop into my working group.

Where we hit the money button all day long.

I have a dozen ways to raise capital right now, some you've never heard and some you thought were impossible in this market.
Don't fall short this time.

Come find out how to make your grand vision for your career and your company a solid reality.

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