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How fast is your business growing?

How fast is your business growing?

1. “I'm growing 15% …”
2. “I'm scaling up rapidly 30%,” or …

ME? I'm choosing the option to double-revenue-this-year.

In other words, 2X more revenue in 2023 than 2022 even though it's a worse market.

You want in on this? Then, just like anyone else, you need to build REVENUE MACHINE. I have one.

Part of my “machine” looks like this… this part of it is super ugly and complicated.



I need all this high-cost high-tech junk to power my “revenue machine” …

I'll show you why in a second.

But the most important parts of my revenue machine are fast, simple and beautiful.

Normally it takes years to build a revenue system that is stable, AND can scale quickly.

So how do you get into some kind of BLITZSCALE-mode quickly?

And how do you generate enough sales to grow faster than an otherwise “respectable” 30%?

You need to follow a new set of rules.

If you try to copy what is taught at “normal” companies that are growing 20% …

You're going to be as stuck as the next guy.

Both startups and classic corporations get REVENUE wrong every day.

But Imagine finding assets inside your business that are just sitting there … unused.

And someone else could just flip-a-switch and show you how to use those assets to generate revenue (or attract high-value investors to your company as well)

Then the wins would start racking up fast.

For example, I have one client that is starving for leads. But on the other side of the business, they're throwing away “useless” email inquiries.

Of course YOU would never have this problem … but I'm confident there's something you aren't seeing in your business, that we “see” and monetize every day in other companies.

There is at least one way to turn on the 2X revenue program at your company – and probably several ways.

Which brings me back to the WHY I had to install that LEVEL 3 SWITCHING BOX …

I use it to power a 12,000 square foot media, training and event headquarters.


This 40′ LED wall is one of 200 technologies I use to get inside your business and find that 2X revenue growth strategy.

How do I do this? Are you a fit for this? Does it work for your kind of business?

All good questions but not the key decision factor for you.

Most importantly:


click this link to find out about my VORTEX event and program.