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Are you experiencing some “Fundraising Pain?”

How bad will you let “this problem” get before you “ask for an assist?”

Ha, don’t worry, this is not my annual substance abuse awareness message for you…

Instead, let’s get serious about The Other Big Problem that business people do NOT like to admit to in public.

You'll be surprised to hear, The Big Problem is not “money” …

I mean, just think about your own situation:

You’re living a comfortable life …

…… Good family.

………. Working-out and probably eating right.

……………Setting big goals. Running an exciting business.

……………….Doing cool stuff on the weekends.

None of that is a difficult problem to solve. Our entire society is set-up at every level to help you “live the good life.”

The Real Big Fat Ugly Problem No One Wants to Admit They Have is a business problem …. THEY CAN'T FIND EASY ACCESS TO WORKING CAPITAL.

Because no matter how good your personal life is, in your business, having LOW CAPITAL RESERVES will make you totally f&*^% miserable behind the scenes.

Don’t lie to me on this one. I know at least 20 of you out there who feel this way today:

My low reserves = daily misery

For example, take my client John [last name removed = or big lawsuit for me]

John’s business had solid growth plans, last year …

But he didn’t have enough FUNDING to pull it off.

Sure, he thought he did at first.

But things got super tight in December. It was a weird month with only 15 days in it for John's business.

January is about the same for him. “ok,” but not great.

John is currently suffering from what I call “Fundraising Pain”…

Sound familiar?

Well, that suffering ends … NOW.

This Friday, Jan 6th at 12 noon PST, I’m going to show you how you can rid yourself of any kind of Fundraising Pain in as little as 4 hours.

I’ll tell more about that in just a moment, but first …

What is Fundraising Pain?

– FP makes you break promises to your own family, a few of whom are probably invested in what you're doing right now

– FP wrecks your best business relationships which will take years to rebuild

– FP will lose you employees who came for the fast & furious growth and are leaving because the “good times” never happened.

You might say:

“Hey Oren, you sent this email to the wrong guy/gal,
there's no FP pain here, we have all the money we need.”

Ok well nice to meet you there Bill Gates …

But did you know that Microsoft’s long-term DEBT at the end of 2022 was approx. $45.3 BILLION?

So if Microsoft raises money, and every other Fortune 2000 company has major fundraising activities, for either debt, equity, or both …

How are you going to grow “organically” with no access to outside cash?

Truth is, you're going to find that every growth company consumes working capital.

So either you have easy access to money, or you have fundraising pain …

… or you are staying small until someone just knocks you out of business.

How do you know if you’re experiencing the kind of fundraising pain that can be fixed FAST?

All you have to do is answer the question:

“How many hours of my day am I wasting chasing meetings & investors that go nowhere when it comes to funding my business?”

If your answer is “zero,” hello again Mr. Gates, I don’t know what you’re doing reading this email. Go back to your super yacht and have another Rainbow Roll.

But if you’re like literally every single entrepreneur or CEO I know, chances are, a few hours of your day are devoted to finding fresh new sources of working capital.

And here’s the good news if you’re looking for fresh sources of working capital.

Because there’s a new $400 Billion market for money you’ve never heard of.

This is why in 2023, everything about raising capital for your business is going to change to your benefit.

Why? After more than 3 years of redhot hyper scale investing, the free-money era of crazypants money chasing after every stupid idea …. IS OVER.

The crazy-money market is shut down.

And a $400B normal-money market is back open.

What changed? I talk to investor funds everyday. Right Now a bunch of grown-up accountants are running most private Investment firms, and guess what they’re looking for …

Normal companies.

– They don’t want to grow strawberries on near-Earth asteroids …

– They don’t want a nuclear-powered flying Ironman suit …

– Or billion-dollar machines that 3D-print luxury homes …

Normal is back on the menu:

In my conversations with hundreds of potential investors, this is what they actually want:



High Margins


Near-term exit strategy

You know, business stuff.

That’s where you come in!

It's all changed.

“… Do you make money with a normal growth plan?”

Today, if you can answer that one simple question with a YES, then you could be back in the investor game.

Because the next question you’re going to get is going to be, “ …

“when can we meet?”

– You might think you need a pitch deck with all the right slides (which you do)…

– And you might think you need a financial model that goes up and to the right (which you do)…

– But really, the #1 thing you need right now is the F.A.S.T. funding method.

Even if you ultimately need $5M+, why not get started F.A.S.T and land your first $100k – 250k commitment?

I’ll show you how the F.A.S.T Funding Method works this Friday, Jan 6th at 12 noon PST on this live webinar.

See you LIVE on Jan 6th, for a free breakdown of the F.A.S.T. Funding Method.

– Oren