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The Daily Dealmaker

A Method and Formula to Make You a Great Dealmaker.

Salespeople take orders and sell product. Dealmakers change the world.

Dealmaking is a massive step-up from sales or 'marketing'.

As a Dealmaker, your business proposals will no longer be stalled-out in "review";

Your agreements won't be negotiated to the bone (and then shopped to the competition);

Your pitch will go right to the top into the hands of decision makers;

Your deadlines will be taken seriously and buyers will respect your time and money.

If you're chasing deals in a busy or saturated market full of 'dangerously good' competition, you can't just be a low-status "salesperson."

DEALMAKER is not just another word for salesperson. This is because, today, salespeople have low status, no deal-control and live their lives in the zero-power position.

Dealmaking leaves all that behind. Dealmakers have a method and a formula for presenting a deal, controlling the message, owning the timeline, and taking the high-ground in any business situation.

As a Dealmaker you can stand-out, get attention, get prospects and close business on your terms. Not even CEO's or Buyer's Agents have this much power. And it's not just about money, revenue and profit --dealmaking skills translate into better leadership, better communication and create life-long business relationships worth millions over time.

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