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Close Bigger Deals

while this Inflation clobbers everyone else


What does it take to grow a supremely PROFITABLE business right now?

You will probably say to me: Customers, Product & Staff …


It takes MONEY.

Oh sure, you can build a great company “the independent way” like my best friend Simon:

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It only took him 17 years.

Do you have 17 years? NO WAY … and I won't allow you to do it that way.

TODAY, when you have enough money to hire good people and do marketing …

You can win the game of business, enjoy life, and earn a big exit check.

“Hey Oren, this sounds great … Please go get me some money to grow my business!”

I will do that but first … I NEED TO THROW SOME COLD WATER AT YOU.

Literally, cold water.

Take a look …. I've started doing these 45-degree cold water plunges every day (45degrees is bone-numbing cold.)


I'm doing these 20min frozen ice soaks as a constant reminder to myself:


But it's not just me … you're about to take an ice bath too …

Because Easy Money is Freezing Up

Investors are going cold.

As money freezes up … will you be able to “Stay Sharp” and “Maintain Discipline”??

YES, you will … because I'll tell you how to raise as much money as you need for your business, in just a minute.

First, ask yourself, “Why is easy money leaving the market?”

INFLATION. And WAR. And Beijing's “Zero Covid” policy. And housing costs up 30%. Oil is up. Healthcare costs are insanely high (do NOT get sick this winter.)

Right now, asking and getting money from ANYONE is going to be way harder than it’s ever been.

It doesn't look that way to outsiders … but in the money business, there's a freak out happening behind closed doors.

And do you know what investors are freaking out about right now (because they definitely are)?

As I said, it's War, Midterms, Oil costs, Climate Warming Treaties, Supply Chain Problems, Inflation, and the undecided infrastructure bill.

Your potential investor, no matter how wealthy, is getting his face SCRAMBLED right now – too many things changing all at once.

As a result, Investors of all kinds are saying one thing about loving “new technology” BUT THEN … doing the opposite and buying commodities.

This two-faced behavior will hit you hard:

If you're asking someone for money, or to invest in YOU …. it's 100% for sure ….

You’re going to pitch them the


That's why in today’s issue of the Oren Klaff Letter, we’re going to talk about the issue that seems to be on everyone’s mind:

How do we get the last bit of easy money before the hose is turned off?

On one hand, the answer is SIMPLE.

Stop doing what everyone else is doing:

  • Don't plan on your marketing costs “going down.”
  • Don't try to hire “$5/hour programmers on Fiverr.”
  • Don't try to run your company “100% remote”
  • Don't count on the competition being “weak again this year.”

Those are totally absurd assumptions.

No one believes that stuff anymore.

But every CEO out there is still saying these things because it makes their financial plan look F**ng GREAT!

This is why You can stand out right now: Instead of showing investors or anyone these totally absurd market projections …

Give Me 35-Minutes And I Will Show You How To Use My Method To Raise Any Amount of Money For Your Business During Covid-19

YOU can be the ONLY PERSON investors are talking to seriously. Because you are:

  • reasonable minded
  • sharply focused
  • connected to reality
  • well informed
  • and … on edge about the same things they are.

You can stand out because you're NOT offering some crazy, weird, dumb, unrealistic, and impossible financial projections…. that will obviously never happen.

You're not going to be pitching huge, market-crushing results …

Instead, you can offer a real deal to real investors and buyers with proper expectations about what you can actually accomplish.

You can be the safest deal in the room…


Wish to know more or see how we can work together? 

You can schedule a time with someone on my team and show us why you think you should be on my calendar!