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close deals

Close Bigger Deals

By Daniel Berger / 4th February 2022 / Comments Off on Close Bigger Deals

… while this Inflation clobbers everyone else   What does it take to grow a supremely PROFITABLE business right now? You will probably say to me: Customers, Product & Staff … No. It takes MONEY. Oh sure, you can build a great company “the independent way” like my best friend Simon: Sviluppo della flessibilità nel […]

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Work on your Pitch with Oren Klaff

By Daniel Berger / 5th October 2021 / Comments Off on Work on your Pitch with Oren Klaff

Damn Oren, why are you so tough on people?  Truth is, I’m tough on the people I love the most because I want to see them succeed. For example, I make extra sure my son has tough coaches. Here’s a note I wrote him a few days ago to explain all this: He’s seven years […]

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You and I should spend more time together

By Daniel Berger / 16th September 2021 / Comments Off on You and I should spend more time together

    Let’s skip the intro and get straight to the point because you know who I am … and what I can DO. I can take your company PITCH and weaponize it; I can deliver a PRESO that consistently generates new revenue; or Build you an opening SEQUENCE to find the best clients in […]

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