I just interviewed Bill Li on his company Knightscope. He's raised a lot of money to build robots that can replace police officers.

You want to hear this: how he raised the money, what he's doing with it, and what a “robocop” really does.

Jump in here for a discussion about Bill's Knightscope technology why robots are *sometimes* a better fit for policing than humans.

And if you want to learn more about what William Santana is all about, go to knightscope.com





Today’s Dealmaker Show episode’s guest is Brendan Cahill. As Chief Executive Officer of mining company Excellon Resources he has done deals all over the world, from Ghana, West Africa to New Zealand. You're about to find out if Dealmaking the same “over there” as it is here, and learn how to deal with bribes, “blood silver” and functioning 12,000 miles from home. And here's where it gets interesting: learn what kind of person you have to become to effectively do deals in cultures where there's no GAAP, no FINRA, no SEC and a very limited Rule-of-Law in place. Welcome …you're about to meet the sophisticated and poised Brendan Cahill.




Want to hear how I “close” any deal?

And here we go.

At the risk of making it sound too simple, everything I do is based on two words: EXPERT CREDENTIALS. In other words, I establish Authority.

For example, let’s say I’m trying to close a client in healthcare ….

Initially, I don't do the talking.

I bring my best friend Craig to the call ….

You know … Dr. Craig Smucker, PhD, Board Certified Orthopedic Surgeon …

PhD in Molecular Biology at Johns Hopkins University.
Orthopedic Surgical at Columbia University
Board Certified Orthopedic Surgeon
Yeah, that guy.

Craig, errr, I mean, Dr. Smucker, will quickly establish us as an absolute authority in the medical field, and usually in whatever technology the client has.

After 10 minutes of that, he turns the call over to me.

I give the business Pitch, and it’s a done deal.

Think of it this way: without credible authority, the buyer will find 927 reasons why he can’t move ahead.

Your AUTHORITY gives him the one reason he needs to do move forward and do the deal.

This works of course because humans have evolved to obey authority figures, who in early civilizations almost always had a greater allocation of resources, critical information about food or medicine, and other means of survival.

But you're probably thinking …. who wants to get a PhD in Molecular Biology or similar credentials?

Not me.

I have a different method for creating authority. And it's much more time- efficient.

Check out my video on all this.

In about 3-minutes I'll show you where to use Authority in your next pitch, and how to establish Authority in the first place.



Thanks for listening!

In this episode meet Tony DiMatteo the founder of Lottery.com. I uncover the unusual story of how Lottery.com got started, and just how tough you need to be to start a company from a dead cold start.  

Today, Lottery.com is one of the leading providers of lottery software in the world. Their goal is to help people find the best games by aggregating all the lottery drawings from around the world onto one website – so you can research every lottery game possible in one place.  Making this vision happen required someone with the drive, energy, and “you-cannot-stop” me attitude that Tony has. 

I loved interviewing Tony because he is so transparent about what it takes to succeed in software and technology today, and he figured out how to do it without breaking up with his co-founder, without compromising on his vision to get investors, and without making the dozens of mistakes and “unforced errors “that trip up most entrepreneurs. 





Every advanced DEALMAKER is going to appreciate this video.

Why are we still shaking hands with everyone in the room? Signing contracts with actual pen ink … and stuck with those damn office windows that don't open even a crack …

It doesn't matter.

None of this is going to change on your watch.

You're NOT going to stop people from grabbing your hand and shaking it like a Crossfit rope workout. And your office building isn't getting better windows.

But there are 3 rules you can break because the old way of doing them is just messing up every deal you're in.
…. they make you appear needy.
……. they force buyers and partners to question your experience.
………… they show your hand as unprepared (or as a newbie learning-the-ropes.)

Enjoy and Thanks for listening!!




In this episode I'm going to introduce you to one of the ultimate dealmakers, Yaniv Sarig, the CEO of Mohawk Group. His company is valued at over a billion dollars based on one incredibly powerful idea: Use software and AI to help launch e-commerce products.
Yaniv's software and AI technology finds wide-open e-commerce niches then stuffs an exciting new product into that niche before anyone else can even blink. Mohawk runs test launches, identifies market demand and creates new products faster than you think is possible. Then
Mohawk owns that market, and starts looking for the next one. I've learned a lot about dealmaking from Yaniv, and I'm sure you will too, because while his software does a lot of the heavy lifting, ultimately it's Yaniv's dealmaking skills that make all this possible, to the tune of a billion dollars. Watch this episode and learn from a master.





Have you ever said to someone, “I'll give you the short version.” ….
And then taken up just as much time as the regular version??

If I've done this … YOU definitely have.

Do you know what actually belongs in a “short version” of a pitch?

Are you willing and able to do what it takes to kill, cut and delete your most “favorite” slides, stories, facts and information?

Watch today's video and I'll give you all the courage you need to slice-and-dice your pitch down to just 3 slides.