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30 ways to act like a Pro dealmaker

I just learned 30 solid dealmaking rules from a top Hollywood dealmaker ...

And the first rule of Hollywood Dealmaking is …

#1 … Never take a meeting in a coffee shop.

But why??

Most people think, “Starbucks is just so convenient, I meet people there all the time…”


Sure, in the MOVIES … all kinds of cool things happen at Coffee shops and Restaurants…


But that's not how it really works

In real life, Coffee Shops and Restaurants are Low-Status meetings that go nowhere and make no money.

I recently contacted one of the Top-30 Hollywood producers, Brant Pinvidic, to get insight on the importance of “coffee shop meetings” – he didn’t hesitate to call them a “total waste of time”.

It turns out I am not alone in this opinion…

“I f*&^%ing HATE Starbucks meetings!”, he yells into the phone.

Brant, WHY are you yelling at me? …

He explains, “When I get invited to STARBUCKS for a meeting, I think to myself … What? Really? We’re doing “THIS” here??

He continues:

“So you invited me to sit down in a tiny half-height chair like I'm in first grade –

  • To discuss all our confidential information out in the open for anyone to hear…
  • with the sound of blenders and espresso portafilters slamming in my ear…
  • As I try to read some small text on your laptop PDF?

Brant continues to stick it to me as if it was my own fault that he was called to some Starbucks meeting…

“Hey Oren, When Comcast offered $3.8 Billion for Dreamworks, did they say ‘Meet us at Starbucks, we have something to show you?'”

“When Verizon decided to buy Yahoo for $4 Billion, did Hans Vestberg tell Marissa Myers, “Let’s grab a quick Jamba Juice, just the two of us and 37 lawyers, 12 accountants, and 8 bankers?”

Brant continued, “In fact …

… name me ONE important deal that was done at Dunkin Donuts, Starbucks or Peets Coffee…


What Brant is saying is: public places aren't taken seriously, suggesting your deal isn't very strong or is just a “startup idea” in disguise.

YOUR $100,000 DEAL is no less important to you than a $4 billion deal is to big firms.

So, I suggest you take yourself seriously, and do deals in a place that says “this deal matters.” Even if it's just a Zoom call, take it seriously like the pro's do.

Of course, I agreed with everything Brant is saying, but at this point in the conversation …

he's really fired-up and keeps going and going.

“Listen Oren,” he says next,

I’ve got DOZENS rules for your aspiring dealmakers…”

  • Be the first to leave every meeting and phone call.
  • Don’t be greedy—because buyers will walk away from “over-negotiators”
  • Never Act Needy
  • Anchor your Price High

I’m nodding my head, I like this stuff, but also I have to go …

… “thanks, Brant….”

“And ANOTHER THING,” he slams his fist on the table as my earpiece explodes…

…as he rattles off one solid deal strategy after another –

Each one better than the last…


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— Oren